If a project’s scope changes, it gets longer; if a project gets longer, scope changes!

December 15, 2014 Leave a comment

In our projects, we had figured out, the pattern in the title, that most of people probably had experienced. Due to some reason, if a project scope is changed, it will eventually means it will last longer than planned.

Tricky issue here is: it will not end with a time cost headache only. Because projects may fall into scope change if it gets longer than planned. In other words, go to market needs force scope change in longer times, because market is not static. So, what can be done, in order not to fall this circular loop of this quality problem. To avoid this mentioned risk; projects may be planned in phases or in small projects which have business deliverable in each small units.

The agile development techniques are awesome and successful, because they are smaller in size.

There is no way for huge size projects in business. So, divide and conquer! Close the project as soon as possible if you can, divide into phases if you can.

Oracle RAC PSU4 Installation Notes

June 20, 2013 Leave a comment

Last month we had installed Oracle RAC PSU4 to Red Hat 6.4 (Santiago).

You could find below documentation in PDF format for each part of installation:

There you can find cases, may be specific to our environment.  In order not to re-install several times, clean OS side etc., I had preferred, first ensuring our OS and network environment is ready for installation by using Oracle cluster verification utility.

This environment is in production and working for more than 2 weeks.

Hope this helps to anyone installing Oracle RAC :)

How to use Turkcell VINN modem in Ubuntu?

March 30, 2013 Leave a comment

Folowing link summarizes how to use VINN Modem, Turkcell brand, 3G USB modem in Linux. It is in Turkish but, screenshot helps a lot…

In summary, you must click Network Connections icon in System Tray and then choose New Mobile Broadband (GSM) connection. Follow the self explanatory steps and do not forget to use APNs like internet, or mgb as APN entry.


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SP2-0575: Use of Oracle SQL feature not in SQL92 Entry Level error

March 28, 2013 Leave a comment

I had encountered “SP2-0575: Use of Oracle SQL feature not in SQL92 Entry Level” error message.


After my session is killed. And issued “set autotrace traceonly” as below:

ERROR at line 8:
ORA-00028: your session has been killed
ORA-00028: your session has been killed
17:38:53 TUNED>set autotrace traceonly
SP2-0575: Use of Oracle SQL feature not in SQL92 Entry Level.
17:39:07 TUNED>set autotrace trace only
SP2-0575: Use of Oracle SQL feature not in SQL92 Entry Level.
17:39:10 TUNED>
17:39:11 TUNED>
17:39:11 TUNED>
17:39:11 TUNED>conn Admin1@mydb1
Enter password:
Elapsed: 00:00:00.01
17:39:29 ADMIN1@MYDB:mydb1> set autotrace traceonly
17:39:32 ADMIN1@MYDB:mydb1>


expdp with sys without knowing password

February 19, 2013 4 comments

Simple but very handy way of taking exports without knowing database password.

expdp \’/ as sysdba\’ DIRECTORY=DATA_PUMP_DIR DUMPFILE=example.dmp LOGFILE=example.log SCHEMAS=MYSCHEMA

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Why are we using root cause analysis?

February 19, 2013 Leave a comment

RCA stands for Root-Cause Analysis. Why are we using RCA or specifically, why we are using RCA in operation.

It is clear that documenting, archiving, publishing RCA, helps to solve problems faster in re-occurences of problems.

But the there seems to be a deeper philosophy behind…

While looking at Project Management Quality Management topics in Rita Mulcahy(RIP), I see a good principle which may help us in future problems.


The 80 percent of problems are due to 20 percent of the root causes. [Pareto Principle, 80/20 principle by Joseph Juran]

If this is real then solving 20 percent of root causes will solve our 80 percent of our problems. So why not find and deal with those big fishes… Or preventing them before occuring.

PLS-00302 error worths me two cups of Turkish tea!

February 13, 2013 Leave a comment


A db user came to me that, something strange is happening, he could not manage to execute a PL/SQL block.

He is getting PLS-00302 error while executing an anonymous PLSQL block.

In PLSQL block, there is a function QUERYFUNC which is already created in the same schema.

Thus giving right with grant option is nonsense.

The weird thing does not happened when I executed in SYSTEM schema.

This is what happens:

DUMMY@MYDB:node1> select DUMMY.QUERYFUNC(‘345354’) from dual;


1 row selected.

DUMMY@MYDB:node1> declare
3  RetVal VARCHAR2(200);
7  MYVAR := ‘12345’;
11  –DBMS_OUTPUT.Put_Line(‘RetVal = ‘ || DUMMY.QUERYFUNC ( MYVAR ));
13  END;
17  /
ERROR at line 9:
ORA-06550: line 9, column 15:
PLS-00302: component ‘QUERYFUNC’ must be declared
ORA-06550: line 9, column 1:
PL/SQL: Statement ignored


Below code worked, in which DUMMY schema is not specified.
DUMMY@MYDB:node1> declare
3  RetVal VARCHAR2(200);
7  MYVAR := ‘12345’;
9  RetVal := QUERYFUNC ( MYVAR );
11  –DBMS_OUTPUT.Put_Line(‘RetVal = ‘ || DUMMY.QUERYFUNC ( MYVAR ));
13  END;
15  /

PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

First of all I guessed it was because we have same function somewhere else, or there is synonym object which overrides the QUERYFUNC function.

But after querying dba_objects I could not find any.

At last, the goal comes from other side…


There was a table named DUMMY in the schema named DUMMY.

Which assumes DUMMY.QUERYFUNC is a table column or something I guess.

Thank you for the solution, Mustafa Saburlu. “Afiyet olsun” for Turkish tea :)


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